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've been working with my client for over a year now through B of A with no luck at all. First, we tried the short sale route that went the length of the listing period with no acceptance of the offers or counters. Then, the client moved from the house and into his grandmother's house in fear of getting set out on the curb and decided upon the 'Deed in Lieu Of' which to date has had no action from B of A at all. I've called many times only to get the response of: 'The bank hasn't decided who the vendor will be yet', and that's been going on for another listing period.

Requirements are that the house be listed for 180 days according to them, but the listing has expired, the client is filing bankruptcy and only want's to know who has the deed to his house. They can't even answer that question. The last person I spoke with was a young lady who had no idea what is going on, and after talking to her supervisor, came back to tell me the same story: "the bank hasn't decided who the vendor is going to be."  What's the story behind all this??


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