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Are you a football fan?? This was very motivating!!


This morning's guest speaking at our monthly market center meeting in Scottsdale was Ken Whisenhunt, the head coach for the NFL Arizona Cardinals. He shared his insight into what it takes to be a success in a competitive environment.....whether it is on the football field as a player and coach or in the trenches in a challenging real estate market as a broker or agent.


Here are the highlights of what he feels it takes to be a success:

1. Have a clearly defined plan or strategy and sticking to it.

2. Set goals that are realistic and attainable.

3. Deal with adversity, find a way to fight thru common obstacles and objections

4. Develop the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, be willing to adapt your strategy or game plan to the current environment


He also spoke about the benefits of keeping our emotions in check, never getting too high or too low regardless of the situation and surrounding ourselves with team members who are willing to work hard everyday. It was apparent that there is a lot of commonality between what professional athletes do on a daily basis and what we as real estate professionals encounter. Take it from a coach that was moments away from winning the Superbowl two years ago...if you persevere long enough you can be a success in almost any environment!!


Special thanks to our team leader Barb Savoy for inviting Coach Whisenhunt to speak at our event...


How did she get such a highly recognized coach to attend our event....simple, she just asked for the business!!!




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