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I'm a member of the LAMCONetwork and just signed up in their group on LinkedIn. I read some past discussions & noticed that the account executives & AMs will start a discussion if they need a REALTOR in a certain state & town! They also sometimes ask for a prop pres co. FYI-you might want to check it out. You probably have to join first; then you can find the notices under the tab "search", then look for "all discussions." If this helps one agent find work, I'll be pleased!

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Comment by Deborah London on May 31, 2011 at 2:05pm

Trina, I have received 2 BPO orders this year from LAMCO-no listings yet. I like that they send exclusively to 1 agent-not global blasting to many agents at the same time. To be promoted to LAMCO you do need membership (at least basic)  in LAMCONetwork so I renewed recently for another year. I believe it's worth it.

         I feel close to getting more listings from any source any day now. It's been slow in So. Cal.

Comment by Trina Happer on May 31, 2011 at 1:44pm
Hello Deborah, thanks for the information.  How are things working out for you with the LAMCONetwork?  Have you received any listings that came from your LAMCO membership?  LAMCO is running a promotional today and I am considering joining the network.  Any feedback that you could provide would be most helpful?  Thanks a bunch!

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