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Ok, I understand the importance of networking and a presence on the net via social networking sites, blogs and google ranking. I truly do not understand the twitter/tweet thing. Do I need to let everyone know my every move? Do I have time to do so? Do I want my blackberry phone to turn crackberry with all the tweets I could recieve if I am truly connected? Do I want to become a tweet freak or a twit? Does anyone really care what I am doing? Would posting a listing benefit the seller, buyer or the agent? Has anyone begun or closed a transaction after a tweet? Please, someone, tell me the advantage of twittering. Or am I a twit for not being in the tweet loop?

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Comment by Linda Landry on August 19, 2009 at 7:32pm
Thanks Steve; I have seen that. I do understand social networking and of course I am participating in several formats from blogging to sites such as facebook and REOPro. I just don't see the advantage of constant twittering back and forth about insignificant details of my day or anyone elses. I question the value as far as business goes. How has twittering increased anyone's business?
Comment by Steve Adkins on August 19, 2009 at 7:19pm
This was posted today on Twitter from our company's IT Director:
Might give a new light into this new enviroment we are all having to learn.

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