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Are You Really Qualified to List Property?

Recently I read a post on the ActiveRain about being qualified to be a buyer's agent and it centered around an inspection item that apparently the buyer chose not to do.

I have however found that listing agents perhaps create more issues and I wonder what some of them told the seller to get the listing.

First off, is your listing accurrate?  If listing income property, are you listing ALL of the financials so the investor can make a good decsion?  IE rents charged, expenses, cap rate,etc?In a residential setting, are you also listing the SCHOOL DISTRICTS, the HOA contact information, all the ameneties,etc?  Is your listing description more than a few words?   I want to know about the property, etc. Also, flyers and a yard sign, at least...are they present?

What kind of photo do you have?  I still cannot believe the amount of listings that have no photo, despite it is MLS policy to have them. Why is the photo of the inside?  What is wrong with the outside that I do not want to see it?  Make sure your listing status is accurrate.  If it says active that means you are receiving offers!  Promptly acknowlege all offers even the bad one!

Are you able to coordinate all showings and inspection needs wth the seller? Do you have an electronic lockbox and do you follow up with every showing?

If a short sale, did YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK and price it along with the area comps?  The bank will do its own evaluation and the truth will be told.

Have you counseled your seller on how the house should look prior to sale?  It should look ready for company every day!

Of course do you ANSWER YOUR PHONE? Don't try to say "text me or email me". THIS IS NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Make sure your number is not disconnected.

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Comment by Steve Adkins on February 18, 2012 at 12:23pm

I agree 100%, good article. And surprising to see that the same problems with agents exists everywhere!

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