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Attn: Banks and Asset Managers – I will spell your name correctly too!

It is so astonishing that I am blogging about this, as I cannot fathom a seasoned agent (or educated adult for that matter), spelling their clients name wrong.... much less a client that gives you 100 listings a year!


 In 2010, every agent with the slightest amount of tech savvy would know that you can Google virtually anything in 2 seconds if you are unsure (or forgot to read your listing agreement). Heck, Google will even correct you if you're mistaken!


I'm forgiving of the occasional misspelled word or typo, and I realize most MLS sites don't have spell check (which we are all way too accustomed). However, isn't listing data important enough to check, double check, and triple check? Not only to make sure you know whose property you are listing, but so the buyer's agent knows who to write the offer to?



Not counting the myriad of funny variations I see on "bank of record"... here are the best of 2010:


  • "First Presten", instead of "First Preston". Ok here is an easy way to keep it straight… think "Presto Logs"! No joke... if you can't keep it straight, possibly consider another profession.


  • "Capitol One" instead of "Capital One". The capitals of a state, a capital letter, and/or a capital investment… are not the same "capitol"that is a congressional building. Hint… capital = money = bank. If all else fails, you can Google that too!


  • What do foreclosures and REO have to do with cattle you ask? Got me! Guess I need to ask the agent that calls them"Oxwen Loan Servicing" instead of "Ocwen Loan Servicing".




Last, definitely not least, but by far my favorite....



fannie mae

"Fanny May" or "Fannie Mai"... instead of "Fannie Mae".... Really?


Do these people watch the news? Heck, are you even alive and living in the United States? This is an easy one guys, come on!




Agents, please remember - When the bank asks you to upload the listing image for review… It's not so they can spell check it for you!



If you are a bank or asset manager looking for an agent that can spell your name right at the very least, don't hesitate to contact me today, or visit us on the web at for your all of your REO needs.




***Photographs courtesy of Flickr, and yes I have permission to use them




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