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This company did not realize they called me on my cell and my landline with in 20 minutes yesterday. BIG SCAM!!!!!! they wanted me to pay $349.00 to use there platform. When I ask them for an address he could not give it to me. He said they go by Zip Code, when I confronted about the reviews on Google he said thats not them and there all lies. Then he started getting loud with me. I hung up the phone and called back and lit him up like a fire cracker. DONT SIGN WITH THIS COMPANY FRAUD!!!!! SCAM!!!!

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Comment by Eric Quillinan on July 18, 2013 at 2:47pm

10/26/11 signed MSA; BPO uploaded 10/27/11; Attorney General Complaint filed 4/27/12; called by Fraud Bureau staffer in June 2013 that Banker REO is issuing checks; Refund check from Bank REO dated July 15, 2013 received 7/18/13;

Comment by Tiffany S. Domneys RDCPro/NRBA on October 19, 2012 at 6:48pm

Yes it is...they just called me this week as well. As I was talking to the guy I googled them and saw several negative post...Told him no thank you...but he is still calling....smh...thanks for the additional info. 

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