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BPO Automation Group Keeps Moving Forward After Company Changes

Hi everyone,


 This is Nicole Ocean of the BPO Automation Group. I, along with Tim Ventura started the BPO Automation Group in April of 2009. In case you aren't familiar with what we as a company do, let me mention quickly that we are the industry leaders in BPO automation software for BPO & REO professionals nationwide.


 After talking with Jesse Gonzalez, the founder of this wonderful forum a few weeks ago, he mentioned that it would be a good idea to touch bases with everyone and let you know more about where we as a company are going,etc.


 As 50/50 partners of the company, Tim and I have spent the last 2 years literally in the 'trenches' working side-by-side our clients. We listened to their needs, wants and desires and took all of their feedback and applied it enhancing and improving our products as much as possible.


Everyone who has been involved with the BPO Automation Group has really poured so much of themselves into our cause these past few years, so you can imagine that as I write this, our company has come SOOO far in the past few years!


 After reaching a critical point both professionally and personally about one month ago, I purchased Tim's 50% share of the BPO Automation Group. It was a well thought out move and a difficult one to make and in the end it has proven to be a great decision for everyone involved, even for Tim himself. Like all good things in life changes is inevitable and I intend to do the best I possibly can with this change for the betterment of our clients, the industry at large and for everyone else that we effect by what we do.


 Tim helped our company in countless ways and we are an organization are forever indebted to him, his efforts and his dedication. Let me point out that BPO Automation Group is still in very good hands! I intend to make sure that BPOA continues to thrive, as well as evolve into an even better industry network and respected organization then it was under different management.


 BPO Automation Group is continuing in our mission of always moving forward despite internal changes of company ownership. In the last month our staff has been working diligently to make things even better than they were under different management while Tim was a part of the company.


 Here is a short list of priorities and things that clients and potential clients can expect to see from us as a company:


 * Increased levels of customer service (Example: Clients can now call our dedicated tech support line during business hours to receive help over the phone.)


*  AutoFill as a monthly subscription will soon be available for $59 for 2 users (or 2 computer setups with our AutoFill software) along with a $49.00 one-time MLS setup fee. Addt computer setups will be just $10 a piece per month.


* All monthly AutoFill clients will receive all of our Add-on products as well as many new ones like our free Excel-based 'BPO Payment Log.' (This is HUGE!!!)


* More Companies added to our popular 'Order Central' Auto Accept software.


* More Research and Development in all of the free resources we offer like our BPO Companies list.


I'd love to hear any feedback, comments or suggestions you'd like to see with our products too! Feel free to reply to this posting or reach out by emailing or calling me.


Here's to everyone's continued success for as long as we are able!



Nicole Ocean


BPO Automation Group

360-223-2482 ext 2

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