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Bridge Asset Network- The Next Generation Of Default And Distressed Asset Management

I was fortunate enough to listen in on Jesse's blogRadio interview with Angelique and Bobby of Bridge Asset Network.

They have what sounds like a unique model for managing distressed assets and are marketing to clients outside the normal channels of property assignments as well as to the traditional sources of inventory.

It was refreshing to hear their perspective on the relationship between agent and client as well as their policy on property preservation. Both were very appealing to me and I am more than a little interested in working with a company who does business in the manner that was discussed today.

So I guess that means I am defnitely headed to Burbank next month....

We could be watching the birth of the next generation of how the sale of distressed assets are managed.

My takeaway from the podcast was that I heard a lot of common sense being spoken by the principals of a company that most reo agents would likely enjoy working for, something sorely missing in most of the reo world these days.

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Comment by ROSIO VIGUERAS on May 17, 2010 at 11:18pm
With today’s RE market I got caught up with time, but I have to say that the day I met Angelique at the REOMAC summit I knew I wanted to join her Company, after listening to the talk radio, I knew it was worth my money and my time into Bridge Asset Servicing Network. I look forward to meeting you there. Thank you BRIDGE ASSET NETWORK for the opportunity, to all of you still thinking about it... I want you to please read carefully the following message.....

""The Next Generation of Default and Distressed Asset Management""

Thank you again Angelique for the invite.

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