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Bridge Asset Service Management Conference Update

Last night, I attended the evening welcome reception for the Bridge Asset Service Network Conference.
While there, I was able to meet with not only the principals and senior management of the company, but also several employees who agents will be interacting with during assignments.
In each case the experience was positive and I was impressed with the attitude of excitement that every person at Bridge ASN seems to possess. Todays event is something I am looking forward to.
Based upon what I have found so far, Bridge ASN is likely to emerge as one of the most desired asset management companies that an agent can partner with.
My advice to those considering working with them is simple; Do yourself a favor and contact them, ask the hard questions and once you get the answers, get on board as soon as possible.
This company is going to go far and they are doing in a manner different than any other reo clients I've worked with.

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Comment by John Shipstead on June 9, 2010 at 11:45pm
I too am disappointed not to be chosen. I did wait to apply though after initially hearing about it because I was trying to get more info before dumping more cash into something unknown, guarantee or not. Plus it appears California got "Sold Out" very soon after we learned of this anyway. Maybe somewhere about May 20th or so. Correct? I have contacted them with completed application to express my SINCERE interest in being part of the Bridge here in the S.F. Bay Area. My team is ready ! I want the work!
Comment by John Accornero on June 9, 2010 at 10:51pm
I was disappointed that I did not get chosen to go....I am still waiting and ready to deliver what they need. At your service always....

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