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Did You Work This Weekend?

I had an open house today in La Habra, California.  The odd thing is , I think I was they only agent in the area having one. My wife even was in disbelief that I would elect to have one.

Well I have found out a few things:

 The market makes no adjustment for holidays...I had 12 groups of people show up which is good for me.5 of those people gave me their email and 4 of the 5  gave me a valid phone number. One Family wanted to know what was needed to buy a home  (I will be  setting an appointment this week with my spanish speaking collegue)Rain does not deter a home buyer.  okay it didnt rain but it was cloudy.  Last week it did rain and I still had people come.Oh yes I followed up tonight (Sunday) , thanking them for stopping byIt doesn't matter that the property  has just gone into escrow.  Only one person asked why I still show it if it cannot be offered upon and I said there is always a chance it will fall out of escrow; her husband supported my position.

So. did you work this weekend?  Maybe I got the lead that was destined originally for you...well you get the idea.

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Comment by Savio Rodney Halapio on December 28, 2012 at 1:53am

Good for you John. I had been a secret agent for some time and I took the holidays going through online short sale courses. I was setting my goals for the coming year to become active in short sale business.

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