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Disclosing a Death in a Mountain View Trust Sale

California has a lot of disclosure laws for the protection of all parties in a real estate transaction, particularly buyers. There are buyers who do not want to buy a home where there has been a death on the property, and there is a disclosure obligation to disclose if there has been a death in recent years.  This works very well if the seller has to fill out the Seller's Supplemental Disclosure or The Seller's Property Questionnaire and Supplemental and Contractual Disclosure forms. But many trust properties are exempt from those disclosures, and many of those properties would be more likely to have had a recent death.  So what do you do if you want to know if there has been a death on a Mountain View home that is exempt from seller's disclosures?

The answer is really simple, ASK THE SELLER.  What you have to do is for you or your agent to ask the seller's agent to ask the seller directly if the owner died in the house.  While the trustee or executor does not have to fill out the written disclosure asking about a death, they do have to answer honestly. Trust me, the person selling the house will know.

The trust advisory that the buyer is supposed to sign when they make an offer tells you to do that. It says "If the Property is being sold because of the death of an occupant of the Property, and if Buyer has concerns about the manner, location, or details of the death, then Buyer should direct any specific questions to the seller."

So if you are concerned, ask.

If you have any questions about buyer or selling a property in Trust or Probate anywhere in San Mateo or Santa Clara Counties, please fell free to ask me.


Marcy Moyer

Keller Williams Realty


DRE  01191194

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