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I have an idea I'd like submit to the group.  We all are in the real estate biz, we all compete for business, we all have limited time, we work weekends. My life's philosophy is work less earn more. For 5 years I dominated my area for REO listings, now that's on a down trend. Maybe I'm wrong but I think most of us would like to own our market place when it comes to listings, I personally don't like to work with buyers, but you have to eat. I'd like to create a master mind group who's goal is to discover a new creative, FUN way to dominate the listing market in our area.  Master mining is like coupling a group of computers together for dynamic power.  So I'll kick it off.  Spend a few hours this week learning about SMS marketing, then post your comments back here. No idea is too small or stupid. You idea will spark another in someone else and so on.  Anybody up for this?

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