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Ethics in real estate sales is so vitally important to the preservation of the real estate industry. It is essential that as Realtors, we preserve the practice of good ethics in our practice, especially when representing REO companies. We have our principles of practice. We should be steadfast in maintaining them in practice regardless of REO influences. When negotiating multiple bids, when cooperating in a transaction, we must remember we are real estate agents practicing within an industry historically built on ethics in practice. Regardless of REO influences, we must remain ethical in our practice. The integrity of the real estate industry depends on it. It only takes one to start a movement. As real estate agents in ethical practice, let's commit to the movement of ethical practice in REO transactions and keep the integrity of the real estate industry vital. Brass Lion Real Estate Investments, Deborah Miller, MBA, PhD, Broker

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Comment by Frank Popeleski on July 7, 2013 at 6:04pm

I am surprised no one responded yet to this. I rarely get in here these days, but with things slowing I do have more time now. I cannot agree with you more. First thing is agents need to report these things to the broker of record. If they are not satisfied, then think about filing a complain with our local board. Life it tough enough without some dufus agent making things more difficult.

Comment by Deborah Miller on April 4, 2013 at 1:52pm
The inspiration for this blog comes from experience resulting from numerous real estate transactions involving unethical REO agents. REO transactions are hard enough to transact and close, unethical practice makes closing impossible. When we act unethical in our practice, we hurt ourselves and destroy the integrity of our business.

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