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I am so upset with Eval online.  I am owed $2000.00 and just got an email they have ceased operations!  I was promised a check a week ago.

Who else is owed money.  I want to file complaints in Florida and hire an attorney.

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Comment by Justin T Zimmerman C-REPS on January 2, 2013 at 12:17pm

I was.  They just decided to start sending me work after being registered with them for 5 years.  They sent me to a bunch of service areas I usually don't cover, unbder the agreement I would be paid a fee increase, then I got the email from the attorney.

The thing that struck me was the fact that they are filing a Chapter 7, which is usually for  individuals instead of business entities.  The little I do know about Chapter 7 bankruptcy indicates we really don't stand much of a chance getting least by them, anyway.   Perhaps the bank that hired to order these BPOs would be willing to pay us directly, since the BPO's were ordered on their behalf anyway?

Comment by Curtis C Darragh on December 26, 2012 at 11:04am

Sorry to hear about your problems JoAnne. Thankfully when E-Val called me I hoped on REOPro and checked them out and chose not not accept any orders from them. I will tell you I'm much more hesitant to accept new Vendors for BPO's. And if a company doesn't may me for even 1 order over 45 days, I don't accept any new orders until I get paid. My best payers are LPS, CoreLogic & ServiceLink. I have a few others I work with but these companies seem to be the best when it comes to paying timely. I hope you get paid soon. 

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