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Fannie Mae running a pilot Utility Management program

Below Is part of an email I received this week I am wondering if anyone here on REO PRO has had a track record with this program with other outsourcers that may have tried this before. If you have ran into this already how easy was the conversion any problems to look out for?



One or more of the properties assigned to you has/have been selected for Fannie Mae's Utility Management Pilot. As part of the pilot, Fannie Mae has authorized a third party vendor to take over the management and payment of electric utilities on selected properties. 


Please read the linked FAQs and make a note of the properties listed below which have been selected for the pilot. A utility management company will contact your AMP within a week to request utility documentation. We ask that you work with your AMP to ensure they have the most up to date utility bill. Please Note: If you also work with Fannie Mae directly, it is important that you submit 571 reimbursements on AMP properties to your AMP rather than to Fannie Mae. 


Pilot Details

This pilot only affects the electric bills on the list of properties shown below unless the property has joint utility billing. If the property receives one bill for multiple utilities, then those properties will also be included in the Utility Management Pilot. All other bills and properties remain unchanged and you are required to continue to pay them as outlined in the Fannie Mae REO Sales Guide. If you have any assigned properties that are not selected for this pilot, it is your responsibility to continue to pay the electric bills of those properties. In addition, there are no changes to how you submit for reimbursement. Continue to submit to your AMP for reimbursement for all bills which you have paid.


The electric bills for the properties below will be transferred to a third party vendor and will no longer be sent to you. In order to facilitate a smooth transfer, you must activate service. If you do not activate service, the transfer cannot take place. Once the transfer takes place, a representative from the third party vendor will notify you and your AMP of the exact date service is transferred.



If you have not recently submitted an electric bill to your AMP for reimbursement, one of our third party vendors may contact you for a current copy of the bill. The third party vendor will provide you with a Letter of Authorization from Fannie Mae allowing them to procure utilities on our behalf. We ask that you cooperate and promptly provide the assigned vendor with a copy of the most recent electric bill for the property requested. 


Please be mindful of the following points during the utility transfer to the third party vendor (utility management company).

  • Do not turn off the electricity on the selected properties. If electricity is activated, we are simply moving the billing to the utility management company. 
  • If any of the properties selected are occupied by a tenant, immediately notify your AMP so the property can be removed from the pilot.
  • The Utility Management Pilot is for electric bills only. However, if any of the properties selected have the electricity and gas combined under one utility company, the utility management company will still work to transfer billing of both services on these properties only.
  • If any of the properties selected do not have electricity turned on due to safety issues or concerns, immediately notify your AMP so the properties can be removed from the pilot.
  • If any of the properties selected are scheduled for closing in the next two weeks, and they have not transferred to the utility management company, please notify your AMP so the properties can be removed from the pilot.
  • After the transfer has occurred, the utility management company will contact you with the details of the effective transfer date, and let you know to expect a final bill. At that time, please pay that final bill, and submit it to your AMP for processing.


Thank you for your assistance with this initiative



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