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In the past I added Home Trust Nation to the "never pay" list. Now I would like to update. In March 2012 I was contacted by Brandi. She said she was going through some old files and wanted to make sure that I had been paid for my work. This was a pleasant surprise. She was very professional and apologized for the oversight. It appears that a former employee has incorrectly filed the orders. She sent me out a check with another email apology. I was happy, and told her no worries. I received an email from her this morning indicating that an agent had read my previous post and was refusing to complete some commercial orders that they had accepted due to my post. First I would like to say that I think it is unprofessional to accept an order that you do not plan on completing. Next, as we all know the internet is forever. I had not even remembered the post and do not want to be the cause of anyone not wanting to work with them. I asked Brandi to give me the agent's contact information, and again she was very professional and did not want to bother me. You can all add Home Trust Nation to the "pay" list.

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