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Hello, My name is Ziggy and I am the owner of


I am currently working with short sale specialist, loan modification agents, mom and pop real estate companies, certified distressed property experts (CDPE), attorneys, mortgage brokers, Investors and the list goes on and on.

The most common request we receive is to get a list of homeowners who are having troubles with their month to month mortgage payments. This is where my staff and I come in!

Well help all types of companies get in touch with borrowers that are 30, 60 or 90 days late on their mortgage payment. These borrowers have not received a Notice of Default yet so their late mortgage payments are not in the public domain. Our goal is to match the right audience with the right business person(s). However, some companies and individuals are not genuine about what they do. So before I am willing to help any particular company I like to find out the level of integrity my potential clients bring to the table.  

I am open for discussion about how to reach out to late homeowners. Simply touch base with me about your interests and we can go from their.


Ziggy (Aaron Santa Maria)

Senior Marketing Consultant

Cell: 760-716-0766

Toll Free: 877-500-3282 Ext 106

Fax: 877-695-0217



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