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How to Auto-Post Your Blog to REO Pro

Want to promote your ActiveRain, Twitter, WordPress or other blog on REO Pro? Want to do it automatically? Here's how:


You can build readership for your ActiveRain or other blog by adding the RSS feed to REO Pro. It'll automatically get posted on all of your REO Pro blog & discussion posts, which is good for the search engines and also great for building readership. Also, it will update automatically with your latest stories as soon as you post them!


First, find the RSS feed you want to add. In this case, since the URL for my ActiveRain blog is "", then my RSS feed for ActiveRain is "".


Feeling confused? Here's an easier way to find it: You've got an ActiveRain user name, right? Mine is "timventura". Well, replace the capital letters in the following url and that's your ActiveRain RSS feed:


Test this URL to make sure it shows a valid page, and then copy URL for your RSS feed to notepad, or write it down so you don't forget it. Don't use ActiveRain? I'll give you some more example feeds you can use below.


Second, login to REO Pro, then go to the "My Page" link in the main menu bar. This takes you to your profile page - this shows your picture & vital stats on the top left hand corner of the page, and shows all your user profile info in the middle of the page. My profile page is here: - so you're looking for a page that looks similar to this one.


On your profile page, scroll down, down down - and look for a box called "RSS" on the left-hand side of the page. It's right above the "Gifts Received" Box, and looks like the picture below. Click the "Edit" button once you find it.


Third, enter a name for your feed into the "Title" box, and then paste your RSS feed URL into the "URL" box. Click "save" and you're done! It may take a moment to show up, but if it doesn't show up with a list of stories, then you might want to test your RSS feed here. If the stories DO show up, then congratulations - you're all done!



Here's a bonus: AFTER you've clicked save, you can click the "+Add RSS" link again and add a second feed to your profile! That might require showing a fewer number of stories per feed, but it lets you add stories from multiple sources to build readership for all your writing.


Some Useful RSS Feeds:

Replace the capital letters with your own specific information, and make sure to test your feed here if it doesn't seem to be working.






Other Feeds: Click here to see directions for lots of other feeds, including Facebook.


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Comment by Billie Dalessio on March 19, 2013 at 11:54am

Thanks Tim- very helpful information.

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