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I have been scratching my head lately how some name brand agents get their bank owned inventory....does the asset manger really care? or really know?

IN SEARCH  OF ....the listing agent

For starters... listing comes on the listed in the MLS....but has no lockbox until 4 days later because the assistant does not work on Sunday.  I tried to show this property twice offer from me!  This equals lost sales.  Should you not do your own work? I work Sundays.....

In a listing recently: This text in the agent commentary in the listing: "If status shows active it is not call for status, do not ask about offers, do not call, email only ( obviously has too many listings with no customer service.)

Or how abou this..." PLS use lckbx on door. Pls txt for all info. Snd offr w FICO,EMD,POF,RPA.  Sllr mtvd!  ( obviously too busy to slow down and write like a human.


My point is this.  Does a certification really make you a good REO agent?

I would think as long as you do a presentable job on 1 listing or 5 listings and act intelligent, I think that would be good enough. 

Really, can you think of why it would not benefit an asset manger to have their property marketed with the same vigor as a standard owner occupant?


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Comment by Yanoska Diaz on December 19, 2012 at 10:45am

Asset Managers care about List vs Sale Price ratio more than anything else, I don't think they really care about "customer service" if the Listing Agent is bringing multiple offers to the table and complying with Lender's guidelines. About those MLS missed the one "please allow 24 hours for a response", I understand the Buyer's Agents frustrations but Buyer's Agents also need to understand that a dozen of calls per minute would make anybody add those comments to MLS, usually a half a dozen of those calls or emails are coming from the same Buyer's Agent. 

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