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Inventory Continues Long Term Decline

Charts show a decline in inventory we’ve come to expect in the 4th quarter however they also depict a long-term trend downward. Of equal note, the past 3 years have shown an increase in Bank owned (REO) inventory in the 4th quarter. So far, that isn’t happening. It is early though, we’ll see.

To view charts and tables:,ORTrends.html

In this quickly changing market Short Sales I believe, are the segment to watch and know.

Short Sale inventory trend is pretty flat. Homes are coming on and going off the market pretty regularly. Many distressed property owners have chosen the short sale alternative as a way to avoid foreclosure. Meanwhile, lenders have streamlined their processes to make the short sale transaction easier. Buyers and sellers take note: The key to a successful short sale is an informed and experienced listing agent and buyers agent  as well as  a seller that is willing to provide the required information to their lender (very similar to obtaining a loan).

Currently the feds are granting an exemption of taxes on the deficiency amount, normally treated as taxable income. Many motivated Lenders/Servicers are paying incentives to short sale as well. The tax exemption is set to expire end of this year. Many believe Congress will extend it but hey, do we really know what Congress is going to do or not do???

For more information on this subject see My Short Sale Guide

All said, short sales are becoming more worthwhile to all parties and will be around for quite some time.


Quick rundown of inventory in percent by sale type:

Short sales 5.4%

REO (Bank Owned) 1.8%

“Non Distressed” 92.8%

For more stats on our market go to one of these sites:,ORTrends.html

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Comment by Johnny James CA Broker on November 13, 2012 at 9:00am
Hey Robert I meant bought by investor and now being resold.
Comment by Robert Page on November 13, 2012 at 8:40am
Hey Johnny,

To clarify, 93% of active listings are non-distressed.When it comes to actual sales, that's a whole new ball game.
Comment by Johnny James CA Broker on November 13, 2012 at 8:08am
Wow 93% of your area sales aere non distressed property that is pretty amazing on the surface. I wonder what number of them were previously bought by investor and resold.

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