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Is A Property Vacant If The Occupants Aren't Human?

I just got an assignment and went by the property to verify occupancy.
I ran across something all of you may enjoy: REVIEW THE PHOTOS!
Apparently the back fence fell down and the neighbors livestock came over to graze, (A steer, several sheep and a strange looking goat).
The neighbor put his fence back up but left his animals on the property to graze so they've been there for a little over 2 months and appear to have made the place their home.
They are being returned by their owner to their native habitat tomorrow.
The strange looking goat is definitely NOT a fainting goat. (Check youtube if you do not know what a fainting goat is...)
He is however, more skittish than a retarded kitten. (Especially after I scared him to see if he was a fainting goat) I think he knows his main purpose in life is being an entree.
The steer is very tame, I've named him Cheeseburger!
While I there, he tried to go into the house (the door was closed and he kept butting it).
Hopefully, that's not a regular activity for him.
He followed me around like a puppy. Unlike the goat, he seems to have no clue of his future...
The sheep are as ambivalent as cats living in a crazy old lady's house.
They are somewhat curious but prefer their own company to that of large humans.
One photo that did not get taken was of the next door neighbor (not the animals owner), who came over to visit, an skinny old man wearing a a black leather biker jacket and sporting 'summer teeth' (some er' there and some ain't).
He wasn't interested in having his photo taken, (possibly from fear of being identified by law enforcement or maybe he was just naturally averse to having someone who scares goats take his picture).
I love my job!

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Comment by L'Erin C. Ragon on January 24, 2009 at 9:30pm
This is what I call "Adventures in Real Estate"......incidentally the name of my online blog heheheh

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