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So I asked myself that very same question today and today again.

I have an investor seller that just built a brand new duplex and I got lucky to be able to list it for him.  Or was I? First off it was a FSBO that I ran into by accident  one day while I was shopping for another investor buyer.  I called the number and left a message.  Later that night , he called me and he grilled me about my real estate experience....he was open to listing with me  and I thought it was victorious!

That was three weeks ago.  Just this week I got the listing finally launched but already he insisits on calling the shots.  First he wants only preapproved buyers with their preapproval letter  in hand to see the home  ( he used to be a banker for the major banks he says)...and he wants this by appointment only and no lockbox or open house despite it being vacant...meaning I have to be at each showing.  I guess that was ok after all I can handle that requirement.

Then when I wrote the listing copy on the MLS, he wants to put his two cents in, revising it.  I wrote a whole paragraph about all its great features and potential about its community ( Watts near Los Angeles actually has new builder construction in it as well as new duplexes being built by individual investors.) and also wrote about the income potential to investors if they go section 8.  He wanted to eliminate that information saying that investors would know that already.  I Have a tremendous job  to market a property that is at a disadvantage because the seller does not want to let everyone see it not to mention that it is overpriced in realation to the comps in the area for even new construction.  ( I tried to tell he what it really would sell for but he said no closing costs either since he had cost over runs in building it).I wrote the copy to give it the most market appeal possible.  Since was he the expert?

Finally he wanted to have me put up and ad banner and get it ASAP which I was excited to do since I was marketing like a good listing agent!  What did he do?  Ask for the printer' s name and number so he could revise it because he did not think buyers were smart enough to know what a duplex was so he wanted it to say "two units". He said it was his building and he should have control over what the banner says.

I know he is from a  different generation than me but this just takes the cake.  I know he needs my help  because under this all, he may be panicky that he will not recover his outlay for this property.  He originated the loan for another seller who defaulted so he became the bank on this one.  Can he not jsut let me do my job?  Do you tell your doctor what medications you need?

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Comment by Greg Masson on April 17, 2011 at 7:36pm
My experience is you can't ever win with this attitude. Even if it sells, it's not fast enough, or for enough money, and it becomes your fault. Even though you aren't marketing it the way you have been successful in the past. As an experienced investor, his contacts will know about your "failure". And then he may try a law suit after that! While I have made this argument in my mind many times, I have still taken these high maintenance clients. Until just recently... I saw the pattern unfolding, I said thank but no thanks. And I haven't lost sleep over it!

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