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Keystone Dont get them on your Bad Side!

Advice to everyone do not make Keystone angry! I went from one day being the top agent after doing work for over 4 years with them and getting slammed with listings and I was very grateful for them. To being on the Dog's list the very next day. If you ever have a asset manager to talk down to you from there company never, never defend yourself as you will get a call from the Big Guns talking to you like a dog. I was a agent that had Rekeys. Done in a day. fronted loads of money for this company, I was one of the very few agents that had the utilities turned on, I done everything asked of me and Had 98% sales under contract in under 30 day's. Now closing that I had no control over was there choice company that lags a bit. I sold properties that other Realtors did not sell. and it all fell apart over one Asset manager that has a personality problem. You would think they would look at all the good work you have done Instead of talking to you like a dog then telling you don't take it personal. Well I am sorry when you hit my wallet and lively hood over one cry baby I have a problem. Then to tell me that CITI has request that I know longer work for them after Sending me a letter from another company Praising all the great work I have done for them. I am sorry are this companies becoming BI Polar?? I was raised to give 110% of your self and take pride in your work Be Honest and it will pay off. Well Keystone may be the top company but they could care less about a good agent that went above and beyond protecting there Assets. and By the way I am not a disgruntled Ex Keystone agent. They have done several agent's this way in our Office and the Funny thing Our Office is one of the company's that leads our area in Top sales. It just amazes me how agents get listings that take crappy photos, Do not do what is required of them, have listings over priced that sit on the market for months on in, and have other realtors that would rather cut off there eye lids then to deal with them, manage to keep getting listings from these Asset Companies. and then what really gets me is after you tell the Asset manger for over a month to drop the price on a property. after you have done all the work, Such as replacing doors , Utlities, Rekey's maintaing the property at a top notch level. even getting rid of a pack of 5 dogs that where trying to attack everyone that viewed the property. then they decide to take the listing from you with no notice after you have spent more money advertising and give it to another agent They drop the price by 10,000.00 then this agent sells it in less then a week after I have paved the way for there easy money. and I am not suppose to take it personal. LOL then they hit the poor listing agent with there fee's Why is that should they selling agent be out no expense? other then writing a contract. Yea Asset Managers treat us like dogs.

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Comment by Billie Dalessio on August 11, 2009 at 12:10pm
Deanna- very sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I have found that whether you are dealing with one agent, or one asset mgr- you can't judge a whole company by one individual's behavior. It is unfortunate, but you don't want to burn your bridges-so to speak. It is a small real estate world, and the AM at one lender/servicer today could be at another tomorrow. I have completed the CITI training- it wasn't difficult, and I'm sure if you've been selling REO for 6+ years, you'll fly through. best wishes.
Comment by Deana Hamilton on July 31, 2009 at 9:41pm
L. Yes you are right I could have no listings or sales but I seek perfection and do not like to be treated like a dog when I done my Job correct. Thank goodness I did not keep all my eggs in one basket. But keystone was one of my bigger companies that gave more listings. And to update another thing they have started doing is accusing you of being related to the vendors you use. Yeap I closed my 2nd to the last listing I have with them and was acccused by there prefered closing attorney that I was related to the buyers closing attorney or was the buyers closer all because my last name was the same last name. as the attorney the buyer chose. A Big deal was made over this. The funny thing. is the State I reside in and do my Buisness in is not my home state I have only been here for 6 years and I am not related to anyone around here in any shape or form and practice no other buisness then realestate. I am forewarning you all. Get this company on your bad side and they are out for blood. This was not the first instance of this happening the same asset manger had asked me once before if I was realted to a vendor I hired for a bid on stucco repair. again I had to explain no I am not related to anyone here and as Stucco is not the norm in buildings here. I had never actually sold a stucco house before or had to deal with anyone who worked with stucco. This is just to let you know the mentality of this company.
Comment by Laura A. Hall on July 31, 2009 at 7:09pm
it could be worse. you could have no listings and no sales.
Comment by Glenda S. Howell on July 31, 2009 at 6:04pm

I agree...the banks don't have a clue what is going on with the AM at some of these Asset Management is scary. Thanks for sharing...This website is excellent! sometimes you think you are being treated poorly and/or dis-respected by individuals because of the color of your hair and/or the sound of your voice, but in actuality none of these things are the case at just improperly trained individuals with an awful lot of authority and attitude over you. Thanks again for sharing.
Comment by Carlos H. Silva Sr. on July 30, 2009 at 3:26pm
Deana-Your blog has been forwarded to a colleague who will make sure Citi's vendor director takes a look at it. Of course your name has not been provided.
Comment by Deana Hamilton on July 30, 2009 at 10:37am
I have never heard of anything like that we are a smaller laid back town LOL we vent then move on. The banks will do what ever they choose to do. again I think the banks have so much going on they have no clue what these Asset companies are doing.
Comment by George Kenner on July 29, 2009 at 11:22pm
I got an e mail where some local agents want to start protesting at CITI Branches saying that they are not the best in town. I am suprised that there has not been some push back already for the Banks. Has anyone see a protest in front of any bank branches in their communites.

In San Diego we have a shadow of NODS that have not had any action taken on them. We seem to be having more militant talk about Banks in Southern California that other parts of the country.
Comment by Deana Hamilton on July 29, 2009 at 2:28pm
I have my rating list and it is close to perfect. The only hold up that kept it from being perfect was day's to close and that ws there closing company not the buyers. I have begged for forgiveness to that particullay asset manager. Just to tell you the Truth he is mean. It was a situation I would e-mail him info he said he never got But the other asset managers never had any problems receiving any thing from me. I think this asset manager had a problem with his preformance I took the blame. I have spoke and received e-mails from the several others that where made aware of what was going on by the big guns. Most sympathized with me otheres reply was I have nothing but good to say you done what was asked but you can tell they are job scared. so I dont want or expect for anyone to stick there neck out for me. I guess I can keep in my mind what goes around comes around , I beleive you get treated the way you treat. And I take comfor there are several other companys up and coming
Comment by Michael Howard on July 29, 2009 at 2:04pm
I understand. I would try and contact a couple of the asset managers with whom you have a good relationship and get their take. I have asked Keystone AM's for my rating have to have a good relationship but some will do it. Just ask if you have been blacklisted or not. If you need to fall on your sword to the one you had an issue with DO IT! Use your tender heart to warm up to that person again. Telling them how brilliant and that are the best AM on the globe won't hurt either :)
Comment by Deana Hamilton on July 29, 2009 at 1:54pm
I dont mind paying it I just dont want to If there is no use in it How do I say this. If I have been put on a do not use list with them. Again I am hurt. I am a tender hearted person and I know buisness is buisness but when some one even threatens to take away listings you have a contract on already that is just wrong fortunatly after a battle I keep those 2 close one yesterday. I guess being a country girl I was raised to have compasion, be truthful and work 3 times harder then anyone else and you would be rewarded. I am not used to being shot in the back for good deeds Not to say. There have been several times I had not submitted all cost's to them I ate them thinking it was so minor and it would keep me in good standing. Again the thing that bothers me is I was told by 3 of my Asset managers just 3 day's prior They loved my work and I was top agent. in there eyes and had planned to give me even more of a work load. I was tickeled pink. I am just in shock

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