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Language Makes All The Difference 

I recently worked with a foreign couple, and we had moments where the language barrier between us brought everything to a crawl. It wasn't that we  were having problems with each other, but the differences in language and customs  caused us to have to take a much slower pace when communicating.


Language is important in real estate. Actually, language is important in all affairs in life, but I wonder if we take our language for granted when speaking to people from other countries.  Let me give you a simple example.   Let's take the word "Time."


We all know that we have limited time, but then again we say, "Don't worry, we have all the time in the world!" How much is that?  What about when your time is up?  Does that mean you're suspended in time?  Can time stand still?  If time stops, how can it speed up?  Or does time really fly? But, I've heard that time can slow to a crawl.  Is something really "only for a time?"  Or does it stand the test of time?  If so, who is doing the grading?  Is it possible for it to sit the test of time?  If we save time, can we use it later?  What about when we make up time?  Is that like 26 o'clock?


When we play sports we have time outs, but when that's over it's time in. We have time on the clock, but where else would it be?  Sports have time keepers.  Does that mean they get to take it home with them, and if so, do they get to keep it for a time?  Or do they have to give it back?  If they keep it, do they store it in a time capsule for a later date?  Or do they save time in a bottle?


We have daytime, but we also have nighttime. Somehow we have figured out how to have daylight savings time, but we haven't figured out how to have nightlight savings time.  Maybe that's because there is no light at night, and you need light to save time.  Is one time more important than another?  Because we have prime time.  Is that daytime or nighttime, or is it neither?  If it's neither, what is it? And, what about when we punch a time clock? Is that some sort of numerical schism between people and time.  I've also heard that time is money.  I thought time was time.  So, which is it?


It's easy to figure out what Summertime, Wintertime and Springtime are, but why don't we call the fourth season Fall-time? Is it because it sounds like an injury?  We all know when it's Christmas time, because it always follows the beginning of Wintertime.  But, Spring break doesn't always follow Springtime. There are time zones.  Does that mean there are zones without time, and if there is no time in some zones does that mean they have no time for you?  Is that a bad time?  Or is it a good time?


We're familiar with Father Time, but I've never heard of Mother Time. Is time sexist?  I know there is a delivery time which would correspond with Father Time, so there must be a mother who doesn't know what time a baby is going to arrive, but she's happy just as long as the doctor is on time and not taking time off.


Well, you see the dilemma I sometimes face when dealing with foreign clients who don't understand our use of language.  It can be real challenge.  I guess I'll stop wasting your time with this blog.  But, I hope you had a good time reading it. Hopefully, it has been time well spent, because time management is important!


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