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Well, so far just not impressed with Titanium Solutions and working as an HRC (Home Retention Consultant). For the same money I could do one BPO and not be saddled with:

Initial fear of going to property
Repeated trips to property (they require minimum of 3 attempts and one has to be on a weekend)
Paperwork--since when were Realtors ever good with paperwork?
Trying to communicate with Titanium--often takes many calls and e-mails, and then when they do return, their English skills are sub-par
Majority of the time Bank of America does not validate our jurisdiction (Titanium) and in several cases they actually told borrowers not to work with me!

I originally signed-up because I was told it was a direct avenue to get Short Sale listings--but now Titanium has said they are no longer able to give out any listing assignments.

I know we all want to offer a service to our community, but there HAS to be a better way than working with a company like Titanium!

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Comment by Stanley Abraham SFR,RDCPro on September 27, 2012 at 10:11am

Thnaks for the info as I was thinking of joining them.

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