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made a new YouTube or You Tube video today think I am getting better!

I love making the photos and slide shows and videos for listings.  Maybe THAT should be my whole career, hmmmmm...


So, I do not know how to make YouTube show my main info text screen shot, it always seems to show a thumbnail of some random shot in the middle of my video.  Anyone else dealt with this, any YouTube pros out there with advice?


here is a link to my video on YouTube, I could ALWAYS use more YouTube friends and subcribers too.


One more thing, if you are a Realtor marketing today, do you have a YouTube account? ..... if not, go get one, it is FREE and such great exposure for listings and to push more traffic to your web sites.



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Comment by Jessica Klein RDCPro on February 12, 2011 at 1:24pm

Hi Miguel, interesting comment.  I am not sure why You Tube marketing would be any different than or Truilia type marketing for example?  I do try to take care as far when when we use 'BANK OWNED' signage or how we disclose Bank Owned etc for the potential vandalism crime issues.  Honestly, in my market so many homes are distressed or vacant the potential for vandalism or crime is always on our radar we have to watch over all of our listings very very carefully; but at the same time we MUST market them so it is a delicate balance.  AND I have found the neighbors are especially concerned also for any vacant homes on their streets.  When I take listings / even pre market assignments I also go out of my way to meet with the neighbors, give them my cards, let them know we are now taking CARE of the home to market it for top dollar (in this market conditions) and get them a new neighbor in that home asap (they like hearing that) and tell them they can call me anytime, and they do call.  : )

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