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No doubt this has happened to you more than once but it is my first experience.
I have been networking with several lenders doing funding expo's and first time
home buyer workshops. I was pleasantly surprised this week when I was given
a lead from one of them. Her LSR was complete and she was searching for a
realtor being dissatisfied with her prior agent. She'd been shown the only property
she wanted and needed to see it again and most likely make an offer.

Her prior agent said it was not worth either her or the agent's time to write an offer
as it would be a back up offer and it was a short sale 'possibility' (ie: not yet lender
approved). Naturally I was willling to assist her and I asked her if she'd signed a
Buyer/Broker agreement and she said she had not. I wanted to ensure she hadn't
as if the transaction did go through there was no reason to ask for trouble. At any
rate we saw the property and we did write an offer for her. She also signed a
Buyer/Broker agreement to work with me exclusively through the end March 2010.
Why is this important? She is obviously a motivated buyer and there is a great
possibility she will not obtain the property she has her eye on. However, if she
doesn't I am the agent ready, willling, able and signed on to work with her. BTW,
she is renting and her lease expires the end of November and she can only go
month to month for 90 days. Sweet!

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