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A lot of changes have taken place in the last two years in technology. Along with these changes, real estate professionals are also busy finding ways on how to communicate effectively with clients and to keep track of a highly competitive and volatile market. Luckily, there are modern gadgets and apps that have been developed to serve every facet of their operation. To give you a head start, here are some of the newly updated gadgets and apps available on the tech market today designed specifically to serve real estate busybodies.

Gadgets You Should Not Miss
A Tech-y Desk
Most real estate agents have offices at home and having a 40-inch touch-screen that you can easily tuck on your desk is one great option. EXODesk allows you to connect, view and operate virtually any computer on either Windows or IOS platform. Apps can be added to suit your business needs.
Tablet Computer
Mobility is your game. Instead of buying a separate computer for home use and laptop or tablet for mobile use, buy one which features both. ASUS Transformer AIO P1801, for instance, works as both a PC and a tablet. It also has a dual operating system to serve its purpose.
Wi-Fi Camera in 3D
You will be taking pictures of homes to sell and what better way to do it than in 3D. Samsung NX300 features not just pixel-perfect results but also the ability to connect to a Smartphone or computer automatically sending photos in a click.
Smartphone and Accessories
Regardless of the size, a Smartphone is an essential gadget that realtors should not work without. This keeps your communication line open for clients and colleagues, and also doubles as your gateway to the Internet. Have a ChargeCard and DeLorme Inreach ready, too. The former gives you an extra charge for your battery while the latter serves as your satellite device when no signal is available.
Portable Scanner
As a real estate agent, titles and other documents are crucial in your transactions. A mobile scanner like that of Xerox comes handy. It can easily convert paper documents into PDFs or JPG files and then, sends these documents directly to your recipient via wireless contact.
Be Watch-ful
No matter how busy, you can always check for your email and phone calls through your “smart watch”. This watch allows you to tell time, retrieve emails, dial phone numbers, and go through social network updates.
New Apps to Consider
Every day, new apps are being developed for public consumption. For realtors, here are some of the current ones worthy of praise:
1. DocuSign - for digital signing of legal documents
2. Magic Plan – creating floor plan in a snap
3. Google Apps – Gmail, Calendar, Google+, Maps, Chrome, Google Drive, and more.
4. Dropbox – for back-up and storage
5. Sitegeist – great tidbits on people and housing, weather, and so on
6. DreamScore – access to local MLS listings
7. DreamPro – search app designed for realtors and brokers
8. Casmy – gather open-house info in real time
9. Open Home Pro – creating listings via phone
10. HomeSnap – take a picture of a home then, find out its market value, bed and baths, taxes, access to schools, hospitals, and so on.

In the months and years to come, more and more tech-y gadgets and apps will be introduced to the real estate arena. You need to keep your eyes open for these changes and updates. In a highly competitive industry like real estate, your chances can be determined by how well equipped you are.

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