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Ocwen-Altisource Listings Should Not be in Your MLS - They're UNSAFE!

That's Right, fellow Brokers...they're UNSAFE.


That's because the listing agent never sets foot in them, relying on local maintenance companies who don't hold real estate licenses to prepare them for sale.  Imagine the liability for the out of state listing agent when your client's 10 yr old son takes a swan dive out of an  unsecured kitchen back door 12 feet to the ground below.  These agents don't even see their own listings.  What would their E&O carrier say about that?

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Comment by Robert R. Herzog on July 22, 2011 at 12:10pm

Ahhh....their accolades grow.  Altisource should get a clue, and go back to the right way to do business.  Deal with a LOCAL Listing Agent, LOCAL title company, LOCAL maintenance company, etc.  There has to be fair compensation, effective representation, and an accurate BPO/CMA for them to attract other buyers out there.  How can they expect to get top dollar for their banks unless they're willing to play fair?  I like their online real time bidding platform, at least there's not much money left on the table there. 

Comment by Stephan K Black on July 22, 2011 at 1:53am
I have to say having several Altisource listings, these people are the bottom of the barrel!  They are using an offshore title/escrow company located in India which is absolutely incompetent. I have never seen such frustration from buyer agent. I actually got a call from an  agent entirely unrelated to any transaction I was involved with who happened to see on the altisource web site that I had an  Altisource listing and they called me begging for help with this offshore title company! It is apparently impossible to communicate with this title company and even if you do they don't seem to understand what you are saying!  I was finally able to save the deal I have in escrow now because the selling agent through hours of research found a VP in Georgia who she could actually talk to and he made some changes so the deal could actually close.  Besides they insist on paying their listing agents only 1 percent,  can you imagine? All the extra frustration of working with a company that is basically non-communicative for a lousy one percent?!  I vow never to accept another listing from them unless it is a really big mansion. My blood just boils when I hear the word "Altisource"
Comment by BOB ROUSE on July 4, 2011 at 7:24am
My major problem is access.  They all have coded boxes and not our regular MLS boxes.  I am on GoHoming but can't seem to get access codes.  I've sent emails to the listing agent and GoHoming direct with no responses.  Can't sell what you can't access.  Doesn't seem to be real good business plan for Ocwen.
Comment by John Accornero on June 16, 2011 at 8:18pm
I agree...besides they now charge a tech fee and and a buyer's premium.   Brings REO to a new low.  Sold one once....agent had no knowlege of anything and was horrible on customer service.

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