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How many agents have been approached to pay for your buyers inspections?

I haven't ever been asked this until the other day. I am a REO agent that has a listing and the buyer ended up coming to me by referral. I have been working on this house for over a year, doing weekly inspections, tasks, MMR's, BPO's and the sales price is less than $150k. Then the buyer and family member is pushing me to help split her inspection costs. I told them I would like to help and I will pay to get the sewer inspected which is about $75. I also got quotes of reputable inspectors that are cheaper than most and I am getting her a roof, pest and home inspection for $480...but they still want me to pay $200 for her inspections. I am frustrated at the fact they aren't accepting my response and are pushing for me to help cover her costs...I don’t know but do you think I am being unreasonable or the buyers??


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Comment by Steve Adkins on November 10, 2012 at 8:30am

I look at it this way, if they do not have cash for an are they going to have cash for the closing?

Comment by Sam Shueh on November 8, 2012 at 12:41am

I saw a group of prospects going from house to house asking listing agent to offer them 1.5% sale price in cash since Redfin and others brokers were doing it. I notice agents just shake their head they go away and try another open home. I am in an area where the homes sell during first few hours and can ignore or chase these folks away.   In your case you should be firm to state they need to pay you for the time. In our area it is not uncommon to ask realtor to buy one a 1 year home warranty but they pay their inspection costs.

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