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Position yourself as the go to agent.

Asset managers want to work with real people. You have to be easy to work with, make things very simple not complicated. You have to be the one they can trust to get the job done- be their go to agent in your city.  Remember asset managers are dealing with many people and files on a daily basis and this can be very stressful.  They need agents who will make things simple and will make their working life easy.


Have a very compelling biography and resume.  Be different from your competition and be creative, think of ways you can draw your asset managers attention to you. Think of what you would want to hear if you were an asset manager when creating your resume. Tell them what they want to hear and make sure you back it up!  Do not put non related REO facts and accomplishments in your resume this may detour the asset manager from selecting you. 


Position yourself as an REO agent. Do you have an REO specific email? Web site?  If not, you should start working on this and position yourself above the competion. 


Do everything to make sure you have a good score with your asset manager, never be scared to ask them what your score is.  Remember, you are trying to provide them with excellent service. If you learn that your score is not where you want it to be, let your asset manager know that a high score is important to you, ask what you can  do to provide excellent service and how you can bring your score to where they would like to see it.    Don't miss out on leaving an impression by delivering results you will not regret when marketing yourself above your competitors.


To your success!!!


Susan Flowers

Century 21 Town & Country

San Bernardino, CA

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