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Isn't it funny, how the masses are so fearful to make a move,
yet prices are very low,
interest rates are very low,
incentives are high,
and availability is plentiful.
When it was just the opposite everyone wanted to buy a Home.
Now that it actually makes sense to do so, everyone is fearful.
By the time you realize the opportunity available to you right now,
it will become the opportunity that you should have taken advantage of.
Can Prices still fluctuate downward?
Yes they can, but if so, by a much smaller percentage (of original highs) than we have already experienced.
Should you buy now?
Are you ready to buy now?
Or will you be ready to buy in a year?
What do you see Real Estate Doing?
Please, Respond with your True Feelings about your own Dreams, Hopes, and Goals.
Will you be able to reach them, and/or will Real Estate help you or hinder you in getting there?
What, You think and feel is what creates a buyers market, a sellers market, or an average market.
My interest is in your thoughts and feelings because they effect the direction of Real Estate.
Someone will always profit from Real Estate in up and down markets...
Will that someone be you?

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Comment by Steve Adkins on March 13, 2009 at 9:47am
I agree, but all them questions made my head hurt! ;-)

There has never been a market like this EVER! And it will never be like this again (hopefully) in our lifetime. Record low interest rates, low prices, lot of inventory, it's a buyer's paradise!

Finally we are seeing some light in our market, which is West and Northwest of Atlanta. Contracts and offers have doubled, tripled and even quadrupled in some locations from the previous months. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come! I know showings have been way up on my listings, now I'm waiting on those offers to start rolling in! (I keep checking to make sure the fax machine is plugged in a couple times a day)

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