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I have been working with real estate investors for 5+ years. In the begining of my career my buyers were buying REO's, rehabing and renting them out. When I represent a buyer purchasing an REO property, I also arrange for the dye test and occupancy inspections that are required to get lien letters released for closing. I then get re-imbursed by the buyer at closing. I also offer to oversee the rehab process if the client needs this, (for a fee of course). I meet contractors, get bids in place and let my buyer make the final decision's. I've found with most new investors, the more you can point them in a direction to help them make educated decisions, the better they become with building their portfolio. I've developed many long term relationships with my investors and have been referred to others because of my attention to their bottom line. This may seem unusual to some that I am this involved, but it really does make for good relationships with your clients.

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