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In the coming years, trillions of dollars will be transferred from one generation to the next. In real estate, probates are the low-hanging fruit because nearly always, the executor of the estate wants to sell the property at some point to pay for taxes and other estate-related expenses, pay creditors and distribute the proceeds to the heirs.

It's been said that knowledge is power. Armed with a list of recent probate filings in your area, you can identify the best opportunities in your area. Yet it is the application of that knowledge which is more powerful.

We've put together some sample letters that can serve as a springboard of ideas, when marketing to probates. > View the pdf letter samples

While postcards are cheap to print, cheap to mail and have no barriers to get opened, in our view a postcard is ineffective when marketing probates because it strikes as impersonal during this difficult period that the family is going through. 

For the best results, we recommend handwriting the envelope to create a personal look, touch and feel. 

Everyone has different time frames in terms of when they are ready to sell. For this reason, we recommend multiple mailings to keep your willingness to help "top of mind". Although the circumstances are different in each probate case, one thing we can say with a certainty is that once the executor wants to sell the property attached to the estate, they want to liquidate it quickly.

Any feedback or if you'd like to share any material that have produced results, we'd love to hear from you - certainly reach out. 

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