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Summer is the peak time for water and energy use in every state. Heavy water use at peak times during heat waves means to add more and more effort to use energy; in total energy and water is related and both are highly demand in this season. And with energy prices at their highest during peak hours, it costs more to pump and deliver water to your home during peak times – which means higher energy costs for your water agency and higher water and energy bills for you.

And because of the dry conditions and increased energy use for air conditioning or other cooling appliances put a strain on our water and energy systems during the summer months. When energy demand exceeds the energy available, we risk an interruption in service. That’s why Power Company and water agencies are keep in reminding consumers to save energy and water this hot season.

However, to become more energy efficient isn't not just for those who want to save the environment. But being energy efficient can really help to save money and effort. There are many things to do and steps to take to make your home more energy efficient. Just, take a simple step then probably you can gain big, big, saves, to your energy, money, and Mother Nature too.


Replacing the old appliances and don’t use damaged.

Provide better insulation and thermostats control.

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