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Self Directed IRA Network to Launch in Jan. 2013 by the Creators of REOPro

Self Directed IRA Network??

Well, as many of you know, for the past couple months I have really been digging deep into the self directed IRA world and I have to admit, I am truly disappointed. Here I was expecting a world filled with information, people everywhere willing to share, professionals offering advice and services however, I ended up finding a world almost as closed off as REOs. After further investigation, I started to realize that it's not's just not open. In other words, no one has blown it up. Well, that got me thinking, why not REOPro, why not me?

Here is what is going to happen. Here in the next few weeks, likely right at the start of the new year, I am going to start a social network for self directed IRA investors and professionals. Like REOPro, it's going to offer people the opportunity to come together, freely share information, ideas, resources through blogs, forums, video sharing, picture sharing, on-line chat and, much more.

What we need now are advertisers. Unlike REOPro, I don't want to stay in constant debt with this new network, in fact I am thinking of having some portions of the site closed and only open to paying members however, I am curious as to just how many people may be interested in something like this. I am thinking of a really low annual fee, like $5.00 a year....really low but, keep in mind, I am not trying to get rich of my site, just trying to pay the site bills.

What we need now is some "pre" advertisers. We need to get some people on board who would be willing to pay to have their banner randomly rotating across the top of the site. I will only have 3 opportunities...that's it. Similarly to REOPro, the three banners will rotate randomly on a 30 second interval and no, we aren't fancy enough to see how many people click your ad and all those other tracking things but, if you put in a promo code in your ad, you can track it that way. No contracts, no required length....very simple, $200.00 a month, pay 3 months in advance, if you decide to leave, we will refund the prorated remaining balance to you in full.

If interested in this new network to launch in January 2013, let me know, email me at

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