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Short sales or Reo..or a default by any other name..Has anyone see the loan mod work?

Ahh to be in the days when Ned Flanders talks about trying to help people out of their foreclosure messes, having time to dig into the why and wherefores..Today has been long as I closed on a perfect sale, clear title on my sellers property, buyers with no contingency and 810+ scores, 20% down..and it still took 4 hours. The appraiser made just a little tiny note that the underwriter the last minute..two months after the appraisal. They sure don't like to lend like they used to... The pendulum seems to have turned on the well heeled, my fha people fly through closings as they buy their first homes, with seller paids and tax credits dancing in their dreams..mip up front of course...but I digress.
Closing finished, my 61 year old, injured seller calls. A nof letter has been received. He never knew that after three months of missing payments, he could lose his house. He broke his back at work, never been late in his life. Time for the talk. HAFA assistance offered. right. maybe after they have lost his paperwork 5 times..they will tell him that his disability may be temporary, his wifes part time job needs clarification, and after he turns it in, someone will review it and get back to him in a couple weeks. He cries on the phone. Can I buy his boat? And the banks play on..
I figure I am here, in this position because some fate dictates it. I will take over talking to his bank tomorrow, maybe he can heal a bit with the stress off just a little...and if I cannot slash his price enough for a short sale, leaving him nothing when he walks, it will become an REO..just another statistic. I will watch a proud man move into rent subsidized housing, and thank our ever benevolent society for providing for ...lip service.
I have negotiated short sales. I know I am good at it. What a paradox though, somewhere we separate in our minds the loss mitigation people from the asset gives to us and one taketh away..Like I said, long day.

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Comment by MeLisa Minter on December 16, 2009 at 12:53pm
Victoria, I hope the HAFA program works for your guy. This is awful that the banks put us through this and yet they are constantly asking for our money. Let us know what happens.
Comment by Susan Paige on December 16, 2009 at 12:02pm
Wow, Victoria, I hear your frustration!! You are doing good by seeing what you can to help him out. Just know yiou are doing what you can.The banks hire tough business minded people who don't see the face of the man who might loose all. Do they care? Yes, but they have to go by what they are told. I wish they could bend some for people like your guy. Good luck

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