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The importance of flexibility and negotiation cannot be stressed enough. Owner bought a mixed use building(commercial and residential units), does not have legal representation or knows what to do but decides to draw up a lease. Potential renter's attorney reviews the lease and requests modifications which really are not out of the . ordinary. Because owner is not knowledgeable and hard headed, he responds to the atty that he will make no changes to the lease, atty advises renters to walk. So owner has lost a potential long term lease due to ignorance and rigid thinking. I suggest that people who want to be better negotiators take a Dale Carnegie class or 2. Life is about Negotiating and business is all Negotiating, a deal in business can take a year or 2 to formalize, success takes an open mind and leaves clues. It is important to have the right tools as well.  Get a legal representative, a it is said let those who know more about the majors do it, that's not your forte. This article is a good read.

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