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2 Things I am now finding to be true. Although not readily apparent, it is the doing things that are uncomfortable that makes me a better Realtor. And the repetition of it that makes it a habit. Yesterday I girded my loins, parked my car, took the picture required by Titanium before knocking on the door. Put my camera away, walked up and knocked! It is always the toughest part for me. I was greeted by a tenant who was worried about her future. She knew the owner was already foreclosed on and was wondering what to do. I explained her options per the email instructions and she almost hugged me. I could see the relief in her eyes that she could probably stay as renters in the home they have been renting for 2 years plus. She thought that maybe someone would come steal all her belongings or throw them out on the street. It was a wonderful feeling to be of service.
I doesn't pay much - but the preparation(practice) is awesome for me. When I find I am in discomfort I usually doing something good for myself . It pays off when I go to a short sale prospect,FSBO, talk to a REO manager, ask for a price reduction. I find that knowing how to do a job is only so good - it is the doing that brings unexpected rewards.
FYI - just got my check for a Short closing referral from Titanium from a year and 1/2's a good day...

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Comment by Robert Young on June 29, 2009 at 9:11am
I gave up on Titanium. I was pretty much getting 100% of the financials. What drove me crazy was that I never heard another word about it. I just wanted to know if they made arrangements or not.
Comment by Nedy Blanchard on June 25, 2009 at 3:46pm
Getting out of our comfort zone is not easy but necessary to expand our horizons, grow and change in our personal and business life. Great story, made me feel good.

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