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The Single Most Important Factor to Consider When Selling Your Home

To understand the importance of setting the right price, you first need to understand the market place. When selling your home, your market place isn't a specific location, instead it's more of a worldwide economic system for exchanging goods and services. More specifically, the market place for home sales is more a figurative place than a literal place. None the less, in either case, the market place is where the law of supply and demand operates. Understanding how the law of supply and demand affects your home value in a competitive market place is key to setting the right price.


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Comment by Frank Popeleski on August 11, 2014 at 9:17am

Well said Jesse. It appears in the Tampa Market that folks finally got smart in this regard. List to sale price rations are running around 98% which is good to see. I run stats for my BPO clients on a regular basis and see this most often. To me is simply property priced to sell.

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