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The Real Estate Industry has taken a back seat!
What happened to the American Dream? Buying
a home is the American Dream. I'm disgusted by some
Asset Managers or Asset Manager Fakes. I recently saw
a Convention invite: Register now to be entered to REO
Listing Raffle. Is this a Game, or is this s Professional Industry?
Remember the days when Homeowners tried to talk us down our
Commission, or when we received a Low Ball Offers?

Receiving a REO Listing at a Convention is great, but what
about the Agent(s) currently serving that Market area, or
the Agent(s) on a waiting List in that area?

Asset Managers are you willing to take a chance at someone
who won a Raffle, but have no Experience in selling a home?

As a REALTOR(R), Broker we have allowed our Industry to
be Plagued by these Standards.

We all heard of stories of paying to receive REO, and
BPO assignments. In the end we realize the companies
that don't charge you receive business, some are an exception.
Some are scams.

What is your Opionion?

Don Alexander REALTOR(R)
1st Prime Realty

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