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Hey there, thanks for the comments. Brokerpriceopinion promptly paid me all the money they owed me because I filed suit and they do not use me any longer and I do not use them. I did get a call from them that they needed help with an order. I asked the rep "Are you new to your company?" And then I briefly told her about what happened. She thanked me and said she'd call me back after she confirmed whether or not the company wants to use me. She never did call back and I never received anymore calls. By the posts, I'm dumbfounded that has not changed their business practice. I'm also amazed that agents are not following suit to get paid and/or are continuing to work for them for free. If you sold a house and didn't get paid your commission, would you just forget about it? That's just plain dumb as dumb can be. Un-freaking-believable!!!! You are entitled to get paid for your work. Whoever has worked for this eValuation (thanks for the tip) company needs to file a complaint with Better Business Bureau first, as I have previously explain, and the Attorney General's office. These out-sourcing/"middleman" bpo companies are getting these bpo orders from financial institutions, who have federal laws/guidelines they have to follow. I'm not sure of the legalities but I think it is against some federal law to conduct business with these fraudulent bpo companies over the internet and these financial institutions are putting themselves at risk. Who do you think is ordering the bpos anyway. GMAC? Wells Fargo? Fannie or Freddie? It would certainly be bad for their business to be involved with companies who withhold payment to agents who complete their bpos. What about using the National Association of Realtors as a source to help you get paid for your work? Didn't you pay dues last month? Stand up for yourself, file suit and get paid for your work or do yourself a favor and get out of the business. My intention in this post is not to be disrespectful to anyone but to annouce your paycheck wake up call.

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Comment by Frank Popeleski on January 16, 2018 at 4:10pm

I just got a mail from them through REONETWORK - I have been with them for many years. I saw it was and shot a terse note back. They responded to say this:

We are court ordered to pay our agents on time, we send checks out every Friday. And are under new management and have a new accounting office.

I am going to give them this chance to see what they do, will let everyone know. People like Bonnie make this happen by suing when they can.

Comment by Lane Hansen on May 30, 2012 at 10:21pm

Thanks for sharing. This is very helpful!

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